Makki Masjid Chicago Live

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    Time Iqamah
    Fajr 0:00 AM 0:00 AM
    Zuhr 00:00 AM 0:00 PM
    Asr 0:00 PM 0:00 PM
    Maghrib 0:00 PM 0:00 PM
    Isha 00:00 PM 00:00 PM
    Al-Jummu'ah: 00:00 PM
    Sunrise: 0:00 AM  Sunset: 0:00 PM

    Upcoming Events

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    Recurring Events

    • Qura'an Tafseer every Friday after Isha prayer

    Official Facebook

    Official Facebook

    Recurring Events

    • Monday- Fiqh Dars after Isha
    • Thursday- Zikr Majlis after Isha
    • Friday- Dars-E-Quran after Isha
    • Daily Hadiths Readings- Riyadus Saliheen w/ Commentary M- F

    Quick History

    Finished Masjid
    MEA Outside
    MEA Inside

    Masjid Services

    Makki Masjid provides countless services to the community including, but not limited to five time daily prayer, Jummah prayer, evening Islamic school, donation drives, etc.

    Daily Services

    Below are the services held on a daily and weekly basis at Makki Masjid.

    • 5 time daily prayer
    • Friday Jummah Prayer
    • Second Jummah Prayer
    • Qura'an Tafseer every Friday after Isha
    • Evening Islamic School for children 5pm - 7pm

    Annual Services

    Below are the services held on an annual basis at Makki Masjid.

    • Ramadan services including Taraveeh, daily tafseer, Iftar (breaking of fast), and Iteqaaf (last 10 days)
    • Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha Prayer
    • Evening School Jalsa (awards ceremony)

    Special Services

    Below are special services dispersed throughout the year to help the surrounding community and other in need.

    • Funeral Services: Provide assistance to family for burial
    • Wedding-Nikah Ceremony
    • Multiple donation drives including canned food, winter clothing, etc.