Ramadan 1439 Begins

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Starts at: 3:00 am until 11:30 pm

Makki Masjid

3418 W. Ainslie St.

As-Salamu Alaykum, Al’Hamdulillah,

We have been blessed with the auspicious month of Ramadan. May Allah SWT accept our fasts, prayers, recitation of the Quran and accept our Dua’s. Insha’Allah, we will begin Salatul-Taraveeh either on Tuesday or Wednesday (decision based on the Chicago Hilal committee) and the Salatul-Isha time is at 9:45PM at Makki Masjid. We have arranged parking at Albank (entrance off of Kimball Ave) from 9:30PM till 12:30AM during the entire month of Ramadan. We would like to mention that there is NO need to double park in any of the Makki Masjid or MEA parking lots. The Albank facility has plenty of parking available to accommodate every musalli that will come for Salatul-Isha/Taraveeh. For a copy of the timetable please visit our website at www.makkimasjid.com.

Makki Masjid will also be providing Iftar at our MEA facility (4926 N. Kimball Ave, entrance from rear). If you would like to sponsor an Iftar, please go online to www.makkimasjid.com/iftar-program/ to do so or contact Br. Ilyas at (773) 524-8825 or Br. Zakir at (312) 493-3431 for further details. Please DO NOT double park the cars when coming for Iftar.

Lastly, as we all know that the prayers will be done very late in the evening, we hope that you will come/leave quietly while coming for prayers. We do not want to disturb our neighbors and hope that you can respect the silence. If you bring your children, please ensure that they are with you at all times.

Please join daily Dars in Urdu from 6:45-7:30 and in English from 7:35 to Iftar time.

For more information visit www.makkimasjid.com/ramadan-information/

From all of us at Makki Masjid,
Ramadan Mubarak!
Siraj Patel

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