Ramadan Mubarak!!!

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As-salamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Based on decision of Chicago Hilal committee Moon for the month of Ramadan *has been sighted * on 1st April 2022 which will mark the start of Ramadan 1443H

Tomorrow Saturday 2nd April 2022 will be the first roza

Parking is available in Albany bank parking lot from 8PM -1 AM

After Asr everyday there will be dars e Quran
First 25 mins will be in urdu by Mufti Abdul Sattar DB
Next 25 mins will be in English by Maulana Kamran DB

Program will be onsite as well as online



Please remember Makki Masjid in your Dua’s and donate generously


Jazakhallah khair
Makki Masjid Inc