Ramadan Mubarak !

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As-Salamu Alaykum & Ramadan Mubarak!

Per the Chicago Hilal committee the First Taraveeh will start tonight inshallah!

May Allah SWT grant you the mercy we all need, the health we need to keep healthy and enable us to fast during this auspicious month. May Allah SWT shower his blessings onto you and your family and the entire Ummah!

Makki Masjid will have its Iftar dinner at MEA (4926 N Kimball Ave) and Iftar will be served at Makki Masjid (3418 W Ainslie).

If you would like to sponsor or donate towards an Iftar please contact Br. Ilyas at 773-524-8825 or Br. Zakir at 312-493-3431.

Makki Masjid has also arraigned parking at Albany Bank (entrance off of Kimball Ave) for the entire month of Ramadan from 9:00PM till 12:00AM.

Please try and keep Makki Masjid in mind during this blessed month and donate generously as Allah SWT will multiply your donations in multiple folds.

For the Ramadan prayer timetable please visit: www.makkimasjid.com

Download the Makki Masjid app on Apple and on the android store.

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