Ramadan 1442 (2021)

General Information

Ramadan Mubarak

As Ramadan is approaching, we would like to remind everyone to take proper care and precaution and follow the guidelines given by CDC and City of Chicago. Social distancing will be in place and everyone must wear face mask covering mouth and nose
  • First day of Ramadan will be on 13th April 2021

  • Socializing at the main doors or parking lot (Makki Masjid, MEA and Albany Bank Parking lot) will not be permitted at any time.

  • Parking will be available in Albany bank parking lot from 9 PM – 12 AM.

  • Congregants must bring their own prayer rugs.

  • Wudu and washroom area will be open only for emergencies.

  • Any one exhibiting signs of illness should refrain from attending prayers

  • There will be no food served during iftar only dates and water will be provided.

  • No outside food will be allowed to bring in.

  • We will be having 2 Taraweeh prayers, at the same time. In Makki Masjid and MEA gym.

  • For the safety and comfort of all congregants, individual who are not praying should please leave the building.

  • We highly encourage you to get the Covid vaccine when it is available for you.

Important Dates

  • Ramadan 1, 1442

    Tue. April 13th

  • 27th Night of Qadr

    May 8th (at Maghrib)

  • Eid-ul-Fitr*

    May 13th or May 14th *Based on moon sighting

Ietekaf Guidelines

  • Those intending to do ietekaf will need to sign up at masjid office and fill out the necessary form.

  • They will have to arrange their own food and supply. Kitchen will not be available.

  • Anyone sick or feeling weak or exhibiting any symptoms will not be allowed

  • We recommend getting the vaccine

Virtual Ramadan Program

Makki Masjid Chicago live is on Mixlr

Makki Masjid Ramadan Virtual Program Schedule beginning from 1st of Ramadan:

  • Dars after Asr, everyday

    10 min after Asr Iqamah
    Mufti Abdul Sattar DB will first give dars in Urdu for 25 mins
    Maulana Kamran DB will give dars after Mufti sahib in English for 25 mins
    Program will conclude by 40 Salat and Salam and Dua.

  • Short Talk in English after tarweeh at MEA Gym, Sunday-Thursday

    Maulana Kamran DB

  • Stories from prophets in English after Taraweeh at MEA Gym Friday-Saturday

    Maulana Kamran DB

  • Ladies program in Urdu Saturday-Thursday @ 12:30, Online only

    Mufti Abdul Sattar D
    Saturday-Thursday @ 12:30, Online only